Appeal for effective investigation of facts of attacks on humans rights defenders

To the Attorney General Mr Asanov Zh. K

                         Dear Zhakip Kazhmakhanovich.

Monitoring provided by Coalition on Security and protection of Human rights Defenders and activists shows that within the period from August 2016  up to March 2017 454 activists, human rights defenders have been exposed to different threats. 6 out of these underwent the attacks.

18.08.2016 activist Sergei Shutov was forced to have a conversation, but while he was taking his son to the flat, and was searching for witnesses those  men disappeared. It was in Atyrau.

23.08.2016   Activist «OSA» Ruslan Zhnprisov from Shymkent, who was riding his moped, was  attacked by three unknown men. » A man sitting in the front seat of Mercedes car tried to seize my moped in order to knock me down. At the same time he threatened me with physical violence. During verbal exchange a driver got out of the car and started kicking  Ruslan’s moped. As a result the front wheel fell off. When the activist began videoing the situation, the attackers vanished».

12.10.2016 the director of Youth Information  center Irina Mednikova,who was in the yard of her house in Almaty, at 20:10 was attacked by a young man. He  pulled off her bag with hard disk, documents and 500thousand tenge. The money was  meant for ZhasCamp  in Atyrau payment.

24.10.2016. Rinat Isagaliev, activist,who was observing legal procedure on M. Bokaev and Talgat Ayan indictment, was attacked by and slaughtered by two men in the doorway of his house.

29.12.2016  in the evening in Ust Kamenogorsk, an unknown  in hooded jacked made an attempt to seize documents of Zhanara  Balgabaeva,a lawyer. The documents were on  K. Sultanbelov’ judicial protection.

14.05.2017 at 4pm in the train Almaty -Taraz two middtle height men of asian  appearance caused body injuries(three strokes) with sharp object  in stomach of journalist Ramazan Esergepov , who was travelling to Astana to meeting with ambassadors.

None of these facts have had court proceeding. Point 5, article 9 of Declaration on human rights defenders states: ‘Government carries out  urgent and impartial investigation or provides investigation any time if reasonable facts of human rights violation appear on the area of jurisprudence.

Based on  KZ law «Public prosecutor office» we appeal for taking measures of prosecutors reaction, assist effective investigation of each named facts of attacks on humans rights defenders and present the results to public.

Kazakhstan Republic, 20th October 2017



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