PA «ҚАДІР-ҚАСИЕТ» with the support from Netherlands Kingdom

Addition to monitoring situation with security of the Human Rights Activists

May 2016th

In connection with 21.05.2016 rally about «LAND USSUE»



With the support from Netherlands Kingdom


Addition to monitoring situation with security of the Human Rights Activists

May 2016th

In connection with 21.05.2016 rally about «LAND USSUE»

In May 2016 conducted monitoring of websites on accommodation of information about security of Kazakhstan activists



  1. Max Bokaev

17.05.2016 — was summoned to prosecutor’s office. Max Bokaev told that he was questioned about why he left from land commission ,  why excites people. He added that was summoned by Investigator  of DIA, Atyrau city as witness.

17.05.2016 — late evening Max was sentenced to 15 days in jail p.3 of article #488 Code of Administrative Offences. Found guilty of committing an administrative offense — calls for an unauthorized protest.

18.05.2016 — in temporary detention facility, where Max contains, announced quarantine.

20.05.2016 — at about 12:00 h. — Searched the house of the mother of M.Bokaev. In the courtyard there were some police and people in civilian clothes broke down the door. They came with a search warrant. Confiscated documents, computers, telephones, discs, USB-media and other storage media.

21.05.2016 — of the petition Sister M. Bokaev for admission as an advocate of close relatives, the body conducting the pre-trial investigation was denied 05/23/2016.

23.05.2016 — of the decision of the administrative court of the arrest, appealed to the regional court, but upheld. Cited in evidence — is only published 06.05.2016, in Facebook’e Bokaev post that he filed a request for a meeting.

25.05.2016 — about 16:00 h. was found spying sister M. Bokaev.

Information attack to discredit M. Bokaev and T.Ayan ranging from videos to «dig up dirt».

While M.Bokaev serving administrative arrest against him criminal case under part 1 of article. 24 (preparation of a crime), ch. 2, Art. 179 (propaganda or public calls for the seizure or retention of power, as well as seizure or retention of power or violent change of the constitutional order of the Republic of Kazakhstan), ch. 1 st.272 (rioting) of the Criminal Code. For these offenses punishable by imprisonment up to 10 years for each offense.

26.05.2016 — the lawyer Aitmagambetov Bakbergen reported that employees of NSC exerted pressure on him (be prompted to select a client because their testimonies there are contradictions. Meanwhile, it is known that M.Bokaev did not testify). As a result of pressure on the lawyer, he is forced to abandon the defense.

28/05/2016 — of application M.Bokaev mother and sister for admission as an advocate of close relatives of the agency conducting the pre-trial investigation denied.

06/01/2016, at 00.49 h. M.Bokaev transferred to prison

internal affairs department of Atyrau.

During the period of serving an administrative arrest of relatives and friends denied meetings with M. Bokaev.

Detention for M. Bokaev unsafe, as it suffers from a disease for a long time, chronic viral hepatitis C, the HCV-positive, chronic calculus holestitsit at untimely treatment is a high risk of transformation into cirrhosis or liver cancer.

06.03.2016, the court elected as a preventive measure detention for 2 months.

  1. Talgat Ayan

13.05.2016 — page of Talgat Ayana in Facebook’e was hacked. He wrote that everyone has the right to apply for a rally. No agitation was not there, — said the lawyer and the father of T. Ayan — Tolepkali Ayanov after the process is complete.

17.05.2016 — of activists from Atyrau were summoned to the prosecutor’s office. According to them, the city prosecutor Kuttykov issued them a warning about the inadmissibility of appeals for participation in an unsanctioned meeting of 21.05.2016, ordering them to put a signature on a document that they are aware of the warning text.

18.05.2016 — Night of specialized administrative court of Atyrau region ordered the arrest of T.Ayan to 15 days.

18.05.2016 — in the detention center, where the T.Ayan, quarantine.

20.05.2016 — in the apartment of the parents T.Ayan is searched. Those who came with a search warrant, after they let into the apartment, closed the door from the inside and no one was allowed to enter. Lawyer Bakbergen Aytmambetov could not get into the apartment, where a search is conducted. According to him, came from the search warrant was not informed: what structure they represent, and what the purpose of the search, said only that the search is carried out with the sanction prosecutors.

23.05.2016 — of the specialized administrative court of appeal considered Atyrau T.Ayan, a detention order upheld.

Tolepkali Ayanov said that in respect of T.Ayan begun pre-trial investigation under Art. 179 and Art. 272 of the Criminal Code.

06.03.2016, the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention for 2 months.

  1. Kubaydolla Sholak

11.05.2016 — was summoned to the OCD internal affairs department Atyrau region. However, he did not go there, as on the agenda of his name was specified incorrectly.

19.05.2016 — the police found in the yard. However K.Sholak did not come out to them, and after some time the police left. Prior to this, he wrote an explanatory note in the prosecutor’s office, which indicated that he will be released 21.5.2016 of the square.

20.05.2016 — the police conduct a search on the basis of a court order. Police are looking for «illegal items.»

  1. Kasim Kozhantaev

18.05.2016 — K.Kozhantaeva was summoned to the prosecutor’s office, where, accompanied by a bailiff escorted to the administrative court. His home in the Atyrau detention center for three days as a party rally 24/04/2016 K.Kozhantaev was arrested on charges of outstanding credit — Art. 669 «Failure to comply with a court judgment, court order or other judicial act and the executive document» CAO.

According to the wife of Kasim — Shynar Elmanovoy have bailiffs has Kozhantaeva receipt that until

20.05.2016 — the debt will be repaid.

  1. Asel Maksot

17.05.2016 — she received a summons to the prosecutor’s office in Atyrau.

Gulzada Ismurzieva, Serik Utepkaliev, Sergey Shutov, Asel Nurgaziyeva, Becket Karashin and others.

06.05.2016 At Gulzada Ismurzieva, Serik Utepkaliev, Sergey Shutov, Asel Nurgaziyeva, Becket Karashin and others. Precinct police arrived with a summons to the prosecutor. During the conversation with the prosecutor of Atyrau Kuttukov Rufat handed warning about the inadmissibility of violation of the Act.

Gulzada Ismurzieva, Erlan Bashakov, Kasim Kozhantaev, Gata-Ghali Bohan, Sagyngali Kapizov, Kubaydolla Sholak, Alibek Musauly, Musabek Zhasulan, Max Boca, Talgat Ayan

12.05.2016 — Mr. Yerlan Bashakova visited police. We warned about the responsibility for the calls on the unauthorized rally.

17.05.2016 — the activists were summoned to the prosecutor’s office. According to them, the city prosecutor Kuttykov issued them a warning about the inadmissibility of appeals for participation in an unsanctioned meeting of 21.05.2016, ordering them to put a signature on a document that they are aware of the warning text.

19.05.2016 — at about 20:00. Erlan Bashakovu brought a summons to the internal affairs department , was then arrested.

Arrests have lasted for several days, and in the detention already sitting Max Boca, Talgat Ayan, Kasim Kozhantaev.

23.05.2016 — was arrested and charged with attempting to commit a crime Gata-Ghali Bohan, Sagyngali Kapizovu, Kubaydolle Sholak. Charged with Article 179 («Propaganda and public calls for the seizure or retention of power, as well as seizure or retention of power or violent change of the constitutional system of the Republic of Kazakhstan») and 272 («Mass riots») of the Criminal Code.

Kubaydolla Sholak placed under house arrest for two months.

In jail for 2 months and I will plant Sagyngali Kapizov Gata-Ghali Bohan. Gata-Ghali twice summoned to the prosecutor’s office promised to deprive freedom for his political views.

23.05.2016 — of the specialized administrative court of appeal considered Atyrau Yerlan Bashakova who are serving 15 days of arrest under Part 3 st.488 CAO -. Left unchanged. 24.05.2016 Mr. Yerlan Bashakovu charged with participation in organizing armed resistance to law enforcement officials, with the further seizure of power in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

31.05.2016 — Sagyngali Kapizov was transferred from prison to house arrest. Gata-Ghali Bohan released on bail. As a deposit, the court determined to take his apartment.

06.01.2016 — of 8 people in Atyrau goes through the criminal case on st.179 the Criminal Code:

  1. Max Bokaev
  2. Talgat Ayan
  3. Yerlan Bashakov
  4. Sagyngali Kapizov
  5. Gataugali Boxan
  6. Kubaydulla Sholak
  7. Alibek Musauly, entrepreneur
  8. Musabek Zhasulan.
  9. Daria Ulzhagalieva

20.05.2016 — at about 14: 00h. a call from the Department of Internal Affairs, was summoned to the prosecutor’s office. I asked to present the agenda, said the bear, come for me to work in the afternoon.


  1. Sania Toyko

21.05.2016 — of the morning in the central square in Atyrau Azattyk reporter detained Sania Toyko. After some time available, but in the afternoon she was detained briefly for a second time. S. Toyko before his first arrest had time to send the pictures to the editor, and information on what area Isatai Makhambet and cordoned off, police do not allow to transport and pedestrians on the roofs of adjacent buildings to the area placed snipers.

The newspaper «Ak Zhaiyk» Murat Sultangaliyev

The newspaper «Ak Zhayik» appealed to the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan and Minister of Internal Affairs with the requirement to initiate criminal proceedings against the police officers on the fact of obstructing the lawful activities of a journalist Murat Sultangalieva and forced to drive a internal affairs department while performing their professional duties.

Revision requested to prosecute the chief of the city of Atyrau local police service Yerlan Bigambaeva and employee internal affairs department Esmurata Kazhekenova, «whose actions seen signs of arbitrariness and abuse of power in relation to the media representative.»

Sultangaliyev 05.21.2016 till editorial assignment was on their area. Isatai and Makhambet.

detention protocol was designed, made a photo of him in line in full face and profile, fingerprints taken without presenting any charges. All videos and pictures with the Editorial mobile phone had been removed.

URALSK, civil society activists

  1. Lukpan Akhmediarov

18.05.2016 — at about 10: 30h. I came out of the prosecutor’s office Uralsk. And about. Baghlan city prosecutor Bigelbaev tried to give a warning.

19.05.2016 — was detained and taken to the police department of Abay Uralsk. At night, his car was put on the car pound.

19/05/2016 — at 12:00 h, the correspondents «Uralskaya Nedelya», located in Abai district police department, said: «Lukpan Akhmedyarov be taken to court. Draw up a protocol under Art. 488 «The organization of the meeting» the Administrative Code, for the post on the page in the «Facebook».

19.05.2016 — of 15:30. Brought to a specialized administrative court.

19.05.2016 — of 16: 35h. all went into the courtroom. Akhmediarov arrested for 15 days under Art. 488 Code of Administrative Offences.

06.03.2016 was released after 15 days of administrative arrest.

PA «Abyroi» Isatai Utepov, Askar Shaygumarov, Janat Esentai, Baurzhan Alipkaliev, Aybolat Bukenov

05.03.2016, the specialized administrative court of Uralsk recognized party single picket Baurzhan Alipkalieva guilty of disorderly conduct and fined him 20 MCI pursuant to Article 488, Part. 1 CAO («Violation of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation on the organization and conduct of peaceful assemblies , rallies, marches, pickets and demonstrations»).

— I’m the poster did not have time to deploy. This action can not be named — told the court B.Alepkaliev.

06.05.2016 Activist of PA «Abyroi» Isatai Utepov sentenced to a fine for conducting protests are not permitted by the authorities. In imposing a fine of 20 MCI.

I.Utepov was detained by police on 24.04.2016, the main street of Uralsk during a single protest «on the land issue.»

16.05.2016 — I.Utepova was taken to the Department of Internal Affairs as a witness (the case is unknown).

After a visit to the investigator in the Department of Internal Affairs, he received the status of a witness in need of protection. All this takes place within the framework of the criminal case on some screenshots, spread in a social network, where supposedly some Isatai and Janat have corresponded with vatsape Device riots at the rally.

05.16.2016 — Zhanat Esentaeva was summoned to the police WKR DIA as a witness in a criminal case. What’s the matter, are not explained. 16/05/2016 at about 23:00 the police conducted searches in the houses of I. and J. Utepov Esentaeva. Who will go to the police to conduct a search in the office of the NGO «Abyroi».

17.05.2016 — by J. Esentai arrested for 3 days.

17.05.2016 — Utepov was released after police interrogation.

17.05.2016 — during house searches, I. and J. Utepov Esentaeva and office association «Abyroi» Police seized cell phones and personal computers of activists. The decision to conduct the search indicated that the investigator internal affairs department WKO M. Temirbaev conducted the investigation under Art. 24 of the Criminal Code, «Preparation for a crime and attempted crime,» as well as h. 1 tbsp. 272 of the Criminal Code «Organization of mass disorder.»

In the office of the PA «Abyroi» search, witnesses have no identity documents, rights are not clarified. Police did not provide access to the use of the services of lawyers selected civic activists.

17.05.2016 — of the night near the office of the NGO «Abyroi» presented by employees of PPP Bazarbaev held Shaygumarova, required to give a personal computer Askar allegedly Askar computer does not belong. The second man called operations group.

17.05.2016 — of 3:25 hours. Aisautov called Maksat, its about five minutes ago police detained and escorted to the police, where for more than 4 hours it took testimony. According Maksat, during questioning mostly interested J. Esentaeva.

17.05.2016 — at about 20:40 h. B. Alipkalieva wife reported that her home, the police knocks. She is alone at home, no wife.

18.05.2016 — Zh.Esentaevu, the court authorized the detention for 2 months. There were only a lawyer and sister.

The arrest is based on an investigation under Part. 1, Art. 174 «Incitement of social, national, tribal, racial, class or religious hatred» of the Criminal Code.

18.05.2016 — of the evening Uralsk Court ruled against three activists Isatai Utepov, Bauyrzhan Alipkalieva, Aybolata Bukenova decision on administrative arrest for a period of 15 days for «violation of the law on the organization and conduct of peaceful assemblies, rallies, marches, pickets and demonstrations. »

B.Alipkaliev for this action has been subjected to a fine of 20 MCI.

19.05.2016 — on the 15-day arrest on similar charges G. Esentaeva. It is the second day under IVS arrest on charges of «inciting social, national, tribal, racial, class or religious hatred.»

23.05.2016 — at about 11:40 h. Near the office of the NGO «Abyroi» Sergeant Kyzgozhinym intern Khaidarov detained Askar Shaygumarov. The goal — to escort the prosecutor’s office.

23.05.2016 — of 12:40 h. Columnist of the newspaper Uralskaya Nedelya Kochemasov Alex said that he had tried to find out about the detention of A. Shaygumarova in Abai police department of Uralsk. He was told that Shaygumarova they do not have, and information about his whereabouts they did not have.

23.05.2016 — at late evening. Close Zh.Esentaeva still have not seen it. For it is not allowed. Zh.Esentaeva accused under Art. 174 of the Criminal Code. The prosecution built on the basis of the texts of his songs.

26.05.2016 — in the court of West Kazakhstan region was considered the petition Esentaeva lawyers. The court met in closed from the media and family mode and leave the preventive measure unchanged.

27.05.2016 — of Head of Investigation Department of WKR DIA Police Lieutenant Colonel Temirbaev inexplicably refuses lawyer Zhanar Balgabaeva to familiarize with the case materials J. Esentaeva, in particular, with the results of psychological and philological expertise.

05.02.2016 — city of Uralsk detention center after 15 days of arrest the police have carried B.Alipkalieva, A.Bukenova, I.Utepova

  1. Esentai, detained with 19.05.2016g. He was arrested for two months during the investigation of the case of «inciting social, national, tribal, class or religious hatred.»

Azamat Mukanov

16.05.2016, at the police interrogation activist Azamat Mukanov was taken.


The journalists of the newspaper «Uralsk Week», editorial car

17.05.2016 in the city of Uralsk police officers do not let the editorial Gazelle. Reporters drove her to the office of the NGO «Abyroi» to watch the search of the premises.

Sanat Urnaliev, Kamiya Muftahieva, Raul Uporov Tamara Yeslyamova, other journalists

17.05.2016 — at about 19:50 hours. The chief editor of the newspaper » Uralsk Week » Tamara Yeslyamova taken to the prosecutor’s office. «Want something to explain,» — she said by phone.

21.05.2016 — at about 12:25 hours. The journalist of radio «Azattyk» arrested, is in Abay police department.

Detained editor of » Uralsk Week » Raul stop and correspondent Kamiya Muftahieva.

All journalists working in the central square of Uralsk, started the bus. Police explained: «for interrogation.»

Detained T. Yeslyamova.

At 15:00 h. After the intervention of the press service of the regional akimat police released nine journalists. R. Uporov after the survey was not released, and took away the other police officers.

21.05.2016 — at about 18:00. Journalists call the prosecutor’s office area to help find Yeslyamova Uporov and whose whereabouts are unknown. The duty of DIA said that all journalists long ago released.

The press service of WKR DIA reported that Yeslyamova and the abutment are still in Abai police station

21.05.2016 — at about 19:20 hours. Raul Uporov released.

21/05/2016 — at about 20:20 hours. Yeslyamova taken to the Administrative Court.

21/05/2016 — at about 22:20 h., It became known that Yeslyamova attracted to administrative responsibility under Art. 488 CAO.

22.05.2016 — at about 00:05 hours. Yeslyamova released from the courtroom, a fine of 50 MCI.

Aktobe, human rights defenders, civil society activists

  1. Asylzat Isatai

17.05.2016 — of Aktobe regional court upheld the decision of the Court of First Instance against activists Asylzat Isatai that court fined «for participating in a rally against the sale of land.»

Specialized administrative court of Aktobe 05.05.2016 has decided to collect a fine from the Asylzat of 20 MCI.

  1. Gulzhan Tulemisova

21.05.2016 — at about 12:30 hours. Gulzhan Tulemisova detained the head of the NGO «Shanyrak», she filmed the First President Park. Approximately at 12:52 hours. Iletsky brought to the police department 20 people collected explanatory. They asked if they have questions about the land of the people? After a conversation with Akim of the region on the «land issue» in the Drama Theatre, where it is specially delivered, she was released.

Asylzat Taldykbaeva, Alim Abdirova

05.01.2016 — of the morning was arrested and taken to the police department in Aktobe factory activist Alim Abdirova.

A.Abdirova said she was kidnapped, the 05/01/2016 at 11:53 h. On a white private car driven by a police officer. None of them did not present a service certificate. Applying physical violence: twisted arms, legs, leaving bruises on the left arm, right leg. One of the police officers hit the lower abdomen caused writhed so A.Abdirova dip.

05.01.2016 — A.Abdirova was held in Zavodskoy police department 5 hours under guard drove to the Administrative Court, after 19:00 h. T. judge ruled on bringing it to an administrative fine in the amount of 84 840 tenge. The judge ruled that A.Abdirova violated the order on two occasions: on April 27 during an unsanctioned rally in Aktobe and May 1 — during the «walk on the square» in front of the regional akimat. In the latter case, the judge based on the testimony of police officers who detained A.Abdirova, felt that she was trying to involve people in an unsanctioned rally.

18.05.2016 — the judicial board on civil cases upheld the penalties under Art. 488 h. 1 of the Administrative Code A. Taldykbaeva, A.Abdirova for participation in illegal rallies April 27, 2016 in the city of Aktobe. «I petitioned to apply arrest instead of a fine, but I was refused,» — says A.Abdirova.

20.05.2016 — the family brought a warning from the prosecutor Aktobe: «It is established that the search is carried out propaganda work on citizen participation in the unsanctioned rally 21.05.2016g. on amendments and additions to the land legislation. »


Bagdat Asylbek

21.05.2016 — the journalist of the newspaper «Diapason» Bagdat Asylbek police detained in the park, snatching from the hands of the camera, a voice recorder and a telephone. He was taken to the police department of the factory Aktobe. In total, the reporter was detained for two hours.

Write down the address of residence, residence, asked to write obyasnitelnuyu. What else to write the journalist refused.

Soon, the interrogation room, the local police chief went Kanat Aliyev. He said that there was a misunderstanding, and said that the journalist in the department as a victim. No explanatory writing is not necessary, it is possible to write an application to the police.

Aliyev said that the journalist is now released and turned to his subordinates.

Soon, the interrogation officer entered the room akimat Yernur Burahan and requested the immediate release of the journalist.

The recorder was returned, but the records were erased. Correspondent released, city administration officials able to take it to the publisher.


Berwick Zhagiparov

17.05.2016 — of 21:26 h. The police came, they brought the agenda. 18/05/2016, at the 10:30 h. Invites to his prosecutor Zhezkazgan. Probably, we will talk about the earth.

21.05.2016 — 10:40 h g. Zhagiparov said that it takes the police.

21.05.2016 — 14:14 h g. Zhagiparov returned home. Police detained at the site for about three hours. It does not produce steel.

20-22.05.2016 — in the yard of the house is unknown Zhagiparova car, a white «Niva». All three days, this car drives behind him.

Shymkent, civil society activists

Suyn Abulda Marat Zhanysbayev, Dauren Kaldybaev Zhadyra Dyuysenbekova Ibrahim Alserke, Daniyar Kultaev

05.03.2016 — In Shymkent police arrested several youth activists in the courtyard of an apartment house, where a group of people gathered to discuss «peaceful protest against the sale of land», — said one of the detainees Azattyk Suyn Abulda. According to him, apart from him in Karatau district police led away Marat Zhanysbaeva, Dauren Kaldybaeva, Zhadyra Duissenbekova.

19.05.2016 — at about 1:00 am. Dyuysenbekova Azattyk reporter called and said that at this late time she was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest. Such a punishment she underwent after a census on his Facebook page about the intention to hold a message activists 05/21/2016, the rally on the land issue.

Dyuysenbekova reported seeing another activist in the courthouse, Ibrahim Alserke. According to her, I.Alserke could say that he was also given a 15-day arrest.

18.05.2016 — In Shymkent coordinator of the South Kazakhstan branch of NSDP Daniyar Kultaev arrested for 15 days after being posted on his Facebook page about a possible meeting message on the land issue.

06.02.2016 — after 20:00. D.Kultaev were released, I. Alserke, S. Abulda.

After 23:00 h. J. Dyuysenbekova out.


Dilara Isa

17.05.2016 — at about 22:30 hours. Azattyk reporter Dilara Isa visited the two men in police uniforms in her apartment, who refused to introduce himself, but to call the precinct inspectors Enbekshy area. «An officer in the rank of captain,» Azattyk reporter warned that it can cause, the 05/18/2016 for an explanation of the prosecutor’s office and they will come again.

The duty officer Enbekshy District Department of Internal Affairs of Shymkent on Aytbekov names of the phone told reporters that no one in the house to her, they did not send.

Recently, in the apartment of the family D. Isa, which grow two teenage children, often began to go and see strangers who represented the «migration police officers», the «check the quality of drinking water,» the «chimney sweeps».

This message came amid a wave of arrests of civil society activists in different cities of Kazakhstan on the eve of the authorities’ expectations, which could be held 21/05/2016, the mass protests on the «land issue».

21.05.2016 — at about 9:00 AM. Dilara was detained by police.

— A man in a police uniform refused to introduce themselves. But I know him. He came May 17 at my home and introduced local inspector ATS Enbekshy district Yerkin Balabaeva. They say that will carry me to the police department Enbekshy district to talk with the boss. Agenda on their hands there.

At noon it was released.

FAMILIES, civil society activists

Farid Ishmukhametov, Kenzhebek Sultanbekov

19.05.2016 — the night brought to administrative responsibility of two people have applied previously in the city administration’s bid to host the meeting of 21.05.2016. Specialized Interdistrict Administrative Court sentenced Farid Ishmukhametova and Kenzhebek Sultanbekova to administrative detention for 15 days for «violation of the procedure of legislation and the organization of peaceful assembly.»

06.02.2016 — at the expiry of administrative detention to freedom came Kenzhebek Sultanbekov.

02.06.2016 — Mr. Farid Ishmukhametov released.

Rolland Mashpee

06.03.2016 — out spetspriёmnika for administrative sentenced a local resident came Rolland Mashpee, received 15 days of arrest «in connection with the land rallies.»

ALMATY, human rights defenders, civil society activists

Marjane Aspandiarova, Zharylkap Kalybai journalist Nurtai Lahanuly

07.05.2016 — in Almaty police arrested six people who were at the Independence Monument in the city center. Civil society activists have announced that today will hold a ceremony of laying flowers to the monument, although previously they were scheduled to hold a protest against the «sale of land». Among those detained was a reporter Azattyk Nurtai Lahan.

Police arrested the morning near the house of a civil activist Marjane Aspandiarova, and took in the Medeu district police department.

Police took Zharylkapa Kalybai.

Nurlan Amrekulov

21.05.2016 — Mr. Nurlan Amrekulov, co-founder of the Discussion Club in the House of Scientists, President of PF «Khan Kene go back», said that, as they stood on the corner of Abai and Zheltoksan, they took the police only 5-7 people, and kuda it carries.

Suyundik Aldabergenov

17.05.2016 — 23:30 h g. Suyundik Aldabergenova specialized inter-district administrative court (SMAS) in Almaty sentenced to 15 days of arrest under Art. 488 Part 3 of the Administrative Code.

25.05.2016 18:05 h g. K. judge upheld the decision admsuda about 15 days of arrest for S. Aldabergenova, but changed the calculus of life sentence. Suyundik will be released 01/06/2016, at 18.30 h., Instead of 22:30 hours.


The specialized court of Almaty examined the administrative case of organizing an unauthorized rally against N.Kemelbaeva.

He was arrested for 15 days for the offense under article «Violation of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the organization and conduct of peaceful assemblies, rallies, marches, pickets and demonstrations.» The meeting took place at about 20:00 01.05.2016 Almaty.

Galym Ageleuov

20.05.2016 — at about 17:30 hours. Dashkeev come Police Captain of the department for combating organized crime. Polite said that was sent to find out whether I know about things found yesterday at the Independence Square.

I replied that he had seen the materials in social networks and bad attitude. The conversation ended, and the young man went to the neighbors.

Kenzhe Iskander

17.05.2016 — 22:35 of hours. He came home just now. They were kept in the Department of Internal Affairs to 21:00 h.

Requirements for issue by the police arrest report were ignored, made a personal search without witnesses, with registration of the delayed report, produced interrogation as a witness to the right to defense, without first consulting the decision without telling: on what article a criminal case and in what capacity I poll. Seized two mobile phones. Deputy Attorney

He presented a resolution on the prevention of 21.05.2016g. Conducted secondary personal inspection since understood.

Marat Dauka

21.05.2016 — at about 8:20 am. Marat Dauka detained. I was in ATC Nauryzbayskogo district of Almaty.

Jeanne Baitelova, PA «Guild of court reporters»

21.05.2016 — at about 12:40 h. In Almaty detained a journalist, head of the «Guild of court reporters» Jeanne Baitelova.

Amangeldy Shormanbaev, PF «International Legal Initiative»

21.05.2016 — at about 9:30 AM. Amangeldy Shormanbaev arrested, taken to the police department of Almaly district of Almaty.

I went to the fifth hour of detention, of which 2:00 unlawful.

Detained in the morning on the way to the building where the office of PF «International Legal Initiative».

Human rights activists believe that his arrest is related to his yesterday’s message on the network for the establishment of the human rights of staff at their organizations for monitoring the current situation.

21.05.2016 morning of disconnected landline phone in the office.

21.05.2016 at about 15:50 h. A. Shormanbaev released from the police.

Ermek Narymbaev. Suyundik Aldabergenov, Dyusembaeva Raisa and her son was disabled, Altynay Adilova, Zhanara Ahmet, Amantayev Asylbek, Kunbolatov Kuat, Marat Uatkan, Zhazira Tolganbaeva, Bakhytzhan Toregozhina, Geroyhan Kystaubaev, Kural Ismanov (Medeuov)

17.05.2016 — city went to meet Nurlan Umelbaeva of the detention center in Almaty, but all arrested and taken to the Department of Internal Affairs of the city.

17.05.2016 — of 18:00. Ermek Narymbaev reported that DIA of Almaty city 12.04.2016 filed a criminal case against the organizers of the rally, including Amantayev Asylbek, Kunbolatov Kuat, Marat Uatkan.

Ermek himself driven to the Coastal-Chaliapin in the police station, he was detained as a witness in a criminal case.

Suyundik Aldabergenova driven in Almalinskiy. On Zhazira Tolganbaevu and Coral Medeuov draw up a protocol under Art. 488 CAO.

Narymbaev allowed to go home with the status of a witness under protection.

Anyone submitting an application for a rally is charged with organizing mass riots article 227 of the Criminal Code.

17.05.2016 — Mr. Bakhytzhan Toregozhina S.Aldabergenov and arrested for 15 days under Art. 488 of the Administrative Code.

17.05.2016 — of 21:20 h. EG Narymbaev house, came out of court in connection with the advent of «curfew» hours.

17.05.2016 — in Almaty detained activists Moldir Adilova, Syuindyk Aldabergenov, Geroyhan Kistaubaev, Kuat Kunbulatov, Bakhytzhan Toregozhina and Marat Uathan. Among those who have been sentenced to administrative detention — Bakhytzhan Toregozhina, Syuindyk Aldabergenov Marat Uathan.

  1. Kistaubaeva that day released against him criminal case under article «Hooliganism».

17.05.2016 — police detained Zhanabayeva Sahib, which is then released.

23.05.2016 — Court of Appeal upheld the decision admsuda of the arrest for 15 days B. Toregozhina unchanged. Lawyer Zhanar Balgabaevoy court did not provide the conditions for equal terms with the prosecution. At that time, the prosecutor sat on the seat prepared for him, the judge said Balgabaevoy sit on the window sill. The lawyer demanded to bring her desk, with the result that the bailiffs did. Balgabaeva to challenge the judge, but the judge continued to conduct the process as if nothing had happened.

26.05.2016 — Almaty City Court, Judge Nicholas upheld the decision admsuda against arrested for 15 days a member of the NSDP Kunbolatova Kuat and civil activist Ismanova Kura. Court changed the detention downward. Thus, the count began with the time of report.

01.06.2016 — was released S.Aldabergenov and K. Ismanov (Medeuov).

02.06.2016 — free night out Toregozhina B. and M. Uathan activist.

Dilnara Insenova

19.05.2016 — at about 11:00 hours. My apartment by deception (they said that they are neighbors and I flooded them) broke 4 internal affairs department employee, took me violently with my young children in the Department of Internal Affairs, were not allowed to call on the way and took one of the phones, the other phone I hid bra. Nothing presented verbally told that the suspect in the organization of the rally 21.05.2016 In the DIA report was drawn up, I refused to sign. »

Zhasaral Kuanyshalin

21.05.2016 — of 10:30 to 21:00 h. Zhasaral Kuanyshalin detained.

When police captain Burkitbayev Kuat, district police officer, and Lieutenant Dauren Kairat detained, they first demanded identification, explaining that verification of documents at all. After checking, they demanded to follow them on the street or they use force. I grab your hands and tried to force to withdraw from the store. Then they were brought to the police department of Medeu district of Almaty and handed over to the Deputy Chief Lt. Col. Kuanysh Abdrakhmanov. The reason for the detention was not named, but wondered about whether to go to the rally.

Manas Abdimanap Kuanysh Sultanali

Police Talgar Almaty oblast criminal case of «violating the order of organizing and holding meetings, rallies, pickets, marches and demonstrations», Manas Abdimanapa suspect was taken away

house police. Recent seized his computer and phone. Police did not name the reasons for the detention.

06/01/2016, the two residents of Almaty region M. Abdimanap and Kuanysh Sultanali arrested on a court order for 15 days for violating the law on the organization and holding of peaceful assembly (st.488 CAO) are exempt.

Birjan Muratbekov

06.02.2016 — of the night came from spetspriёmnika Birjan Muratbekov — last adm. Arrested in Almaty for a peaceful meeting of 05.21.2016 you the video of my arrest at home, 05/17/2016, the police have now become fashionable to hide the face and not be presented. Behind the doors of the apartment were 3 people, 3 more guarded entrance.

Arailym Shakarova

16.05.2016 — was detained 06/01/2016 was left for an administrative arrest in the detention center for 15 days. She was not allowed to call, and family about her whereabouts learned only 4-5 days from the note published cellmates.

Rinat Kibray

05.03.2016 — city when I was heading to a meeting Talғat Ayan attempted attack by unknown persons. In any case, it will not stop us from idea to protect the Kazakh land by sale to foreigners. Throughout the night shadowed us continues, I do not exclude further provocations from the authorities, «- he wrote on his Facebook page Rinat Kibray.

Moldir Adilova

18.05.2016 — in Almaty specialized inter-district administrative court appointed Moldir Adilova 15 days of administrative arrest on charges of violation of the legislation on the procedure for organizing and conducting meetings for the «land issue». 06.02.2016 was left free.


Roman Egorov

21.05.2016 — at about 11:00 h. In Almaty detained a photographer of the newspaper «Vremya» Roman Egorov.

Around 11:30 am., He was released.

Risbek Sarsenbay

21.05.2016 — the closer to midnight in Almaty administrative court concluded. Chief editor of the newspaper «Zhas Alash» Risbek Sarsenbay prosecuted for «disturbing public order» to a fine of 20 MCI.

  1. Sarsenbay denies involvement in «organizing» rally is not authorized by the police in the Republic Square.

Andrew Buzykin

21.05.2016 — at about 11:20 hours. Andrew Buzykina brought in Narcological dispensary on Makatayev.

Asylkhan Mamashuly, Vyacheslav halves Nurtai Lahanuly, Kasim Amanzholuly

21.05.2016 — of the afternoon in Almaty detained reporters Azattyk — Asylkhan Mamashuly and Vyacheslav half. A. Mamashuly monitor the situation in the park for the cinema «Sary-Arka», the place where usually the power of the city and allow protests to public organizations. Delivered in Auezov police station.

Vyacheslav Polovinko detained near Republic Square on Abay Avenue. Prior to his arrest, Vyacheslav had sobschit that the police were on the ranks of Abay Avenue to push back from the street gathered citizens.

At noon in Almaty detained another reporter Azattyk — Nurtai Lahanuly. Briefly detained in Almaty and Azattyk reporter Kasim Amanzholuly.

Bapi, Ramazan Yesergepov

21.05.2016 — was arrested and taken to the police head of the opposition newspaper «social position» Bapi.

Around 11.00 h. In the center of Almaty detained and taken to the police station Medeu chairman of Foundation «Journalists in Trouble» Ramazan Yesergepov.

21.05.2016 — at about 14:30 hours. Yesergepov released.

Zhanbolat Mamay

07.05.2016 — with the early morning I «wait» a few policemen machines.

21.05.2016 — 11:55 h g. Near the house waiting for the police to a private car.

Manas Bistaev

09.05.2016 — was arrested by the police. A journalist on a mission edition to highlight the action, timed in Almaty on 9 May.

Gulzhan Yergaliyeva husband Yergalieva, Rysbek Sarsenbayev, Andrei Sviridov, Marjane Aspandiarova

07.05.2016 — city near the house Gulzhan Yergaliyeva is a police car with the staff waiting for her to come out.

21.05.2016 — of 16:00. Ergalieva informed by telephone that at 11:45 h. Was arrested and is still in the police department of Alatau district of Almaty. From her need to write an explanatory. Gulzhan instead wrote a statement about the violation of their rights. She, along with her husband on the Sabbath day went for a walk and did not understand why the police should be justified before. The situation is, however, complicated by the fact that her husband for health should adhere to diet and regimen, which, due to prolonged detention has been violated.

In the same ATC, said Ergalieva, along with it are arrested «Jas Alash» newspaper chief editor Rysbek Sarsenbayev, journalists Andrei Sviridov, Marjane Aspandiarova.

Toktarali Tanzharyk

Detained editor in chief of the newspaper «Dala men Kala» Toktarali Tanzharyk.

Artem Miusov

In the afternoon, the reporter arrested Artem NUR.KZ Miusov.

ASTANA, human rights defenders, civil society activists

Mahambet Abzhan

16.05.2016 — M.Abzhan was taken to the police department of Astana city Department of Internal Affairs Saryarkinsky, he wrote: — «The police choked, beaten on various parts of the body, wrung their hands Shchekotov (this is not a joke), broken watches, scratched iPhone, torn jacket and a button on a shirt, inside the car sat on my head and continued to choke a while, pulling his jaw, dragged on the ground — rubbed pants, took off their shoes and socks inside the car, did not constitute a report of detention, detained after the arrest a trex hours They took my ID. Application for nix did not write, just escaped from the ATC at 21:00 hours, as children in the garden waiting for»

17.05.2016 — at 11:53 h M. Abzhan said that he rides behind the wheel of his car in the police department of Almaty district of Astana in connection with orientation «during the arrest deliver a / m Registration number 219 in Almaty Department of Internal Affairs» next to him a police officer»

17.05.2016 — at about 22:00 hours. The specialized inter-district administrative court appointed M.Abzhan 10 days of administrative arrest for petty xuliganstvo. The judge allowed the observers to be invited, but the courthouse nobody admitted.

18.05.2016 — at 15:00 o’clock. Police Major Ruslan Suleimenov in Astana refused PMC access to monitor in connection with the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs due to the gain on the territory of the institution.

27.05.2016 — M.Abzhan was to be released after 10 days in jail, but rearrested on suspicion of using violence against a representative of authorities (Art. 380 of the Criminal Code). A criminal case under articles 378, 379, 380 of the Criminal Code.

29.05.2016 — at about 16:40 hours. M.Abzhan released on bail.

Fatima Dzhandosova, Zhanar Dzhanzhdosova, Tuytebaeva Aizhan, Saul Batalov, Zauresh Battalova

21.05.2016 of Fatima Dzhandosova, Zhanar Dzhanzhosova, Tuytebaeva Aizhan detained on the square near Bayterek in Astana. Name of the police refused to disclose. Grounds for detention are not reported. Rights are not read out.

According to F. Dzhandosova: Saul Battalova managed to jump out of the bus window, and Aizhan Fatima — escape. Zhanar Dzhandosova taken to the police station 11.

Detained Zauresh Battalova, around 15:50 hours. Released.

Ualikhan Kaisarov

16.05.2016 — in Astana there is a search in the apartment of the founder of the movement» Alash Zholy «, the initiator of the national rally 21/05/2016 Ualikhan Kaisarova.

Around 23:00 h. At the gates of the house, where Kaisarov, are the police. They want to do a search. Jacobs received a signal that is stored in the house of a firearm. Firearms in the house no. »

Bakyt Alua

21.05.2016 — about 8: 00h. in Astana detained human rights activist for the rights of oralmans Bakyt Alua.

Saken Baikenov

21.05.2016 — in Astana detained activist Saken Baikenov.

Aslan Kurmanbaev

18.05.2016 — Mr. Aslan Kurmanbaev detained in the post «Boundary» g.Schuchinsk. He was traveling from Astana to Kokshetau to his family. Now he was being taken to the DIA of Astana city. The base that it has orientation.

Aslan Kurmanbaev, Kurmangazy Rakhmetov

06.03.2016 — of civil society activists released Aslan Kurmanbaev and Kurmangazy Rakhmetov sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days last month.

Aigul Utepov

18.05.2016 — 12:41 of hours. «I was abducted by two men in civilian clothes. Now I am in the Department of Internal Affairs on Zhansugurov «- wrote on his page on facebook Aigul Utepov.

Edil Maken, Maksat Ilyasuly

Near Mahambet Abzhanov in spetspriёmnike activists sat Edil Maken, who was sentenced to 15 days for the «organization of the rally on May 21.» In the next cell was another activist Ilyasuly Maksat, who was arrested as a rally for the land.

01.06.2016g. to be released from detention Maksat Ilyasuly.


Madi Bekmaganbetov, Yerzhan Amirhanov

21.05.2016 — in the city of Astana police detained near the monument «Baiterek» Azattyk correspondent Madi Bekmaganbetova and Yerzhan Amirkhanova. They were put into a police bus and taken to the police department of Saryarka district.

Irina Sevostyanova, Anara Bekbasova

21.05.2016 — in the area of the square near the monument «Baiterek» detained journalists: Site «Vlast» employee Irina Sevostyanova, correspondent of the portal Anar Bekbasova.

Detained journalists on the square near the monument «Baiterek»: IA «News-Kazakhstan» Dmitry leaves, «Russia Today» Julia Kislitsina, «Interfax-Kazakhstan» Elena Transfiguration, ITAR-TASS Svetlana Tumakova and journalist of «DAT» Zhumabike Zhunusova.

Mahmoud Bayhodzhaev

In the afternoon, the reporter detained NUR.KZ Mahmoud Bayhodzhaev.

Kostanay, civil society activists

Murat Tleulin

21.05.2016 — 10:20 h g. In Kostanai detained activist Murat Tleulin pursuant to Art. 786 of the Administrative Code. The reason for detention — a statement that it has received, but that it was written in the statement, he did not say. Some time later he was released. Murat was forced to write a receipt that he will not participate in the meetings»

Pavlodar, civil society activists

Serikbai Alibaev

21.05.2016 — the Administrative Court of Pavlodar fined 50 MCI on charges of organizing the rally «on the land issue»

Karaganda, civil society activists

Paul Shumkin

21.05.2016 — at about 11:00 hours. The police detained on the avenue of the «Republic» in Karaganda and taken to the South-East police station, on the subject of «determine the identity», even though the certificate provided. They asked questions where and for what purpose was.

Aytkozha Fazylov

21.05.2016 — in Karaganda detained activist Aytkozha Fazil.

Galym Akulbekov

17.05.2016 — at about 18:20 hours. Came for me. We invite you to novomaykuduksky police department in Karaganda on the conversation. From 18:30 h. The beginning of my detention.

21.05.2016 — at about 17:00. Under the window is a police car. Prior to that, three days was another unidentified vehicle occupants, toned. Yesterday came up to her, looked, and there did not expect such a turn and loudly dropped the camera on the floor. Video today my detention in the police removed from the camera. The page remained a small translation of the Periscope. Officially, I was not arrested, but I was not allowed to go about their business. It is strongly asked to go for an interview. In the car

police seized the camera and smartphone, someone called and suggested they do it.


Asel Zhetpisbayeva Sergei Perhalsky, Botagoz Omarova, Ayman Sagatay Alexander Tirtishets Elena Ulyankina

21.05.2016 — 12:10 h g. Detained journalist of the newspaper «The New Herald» Elena Ulyankina, crew «101 TV» Botagoz Omarov, Ayman Sagatay, Alexander Tirtishets. They were on the flagpole, where the planned rally. They were taken to the South East Police Department.

At 12:30 h. The detained journalists Asem Mirzhekeevu, Asel Zhetpisabevu, Sergei Perhalskogo. They took in the Southeast Police Department of the flagpole.

Yerzhan Kudaibergenov

16.05.2016 — was summoned to the city prosecutor’s office in the case of peaceful rallies.

Arman Urazbekov

11.05.2016 — at about 20:30 hours. The continuing friendly explanatory work. Today came to Armand Urazbekova.

Marat Altayev

18.05.2016 — Mr. Marat Altaeva chairman of the NGO «Baikonur civil rights» in the cause of Kazakhstan police on some criminal case (referred to as witnesses).

An act of civil activists

Nuriyash Abdreymova

21.05.2016 — was called Nuriyash Abdreymova (leader of the Party of regions) of Aktau. The police came to her home and said that, if you come to the meeting, will be taken away and the child will be sent to an orphanage. Nuriyash over two years brings the girl.

Site blocking

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, «VKontakte», WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram

20.05.2016 — the night was restricted access or are not available, YouTube, the social networking site Facebook, Twitter, «VKontakte» and messengers WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram.

Website radio «Azattyk»

23.05.2016 — Azattyk website — and remained inaccessible in Kazakhstan in the evening of 20.05.2016

The site of the newspaper «Uralsk week»

20.05.2016, the blocked site of the newspaper «Uralsk Week».

STATEMENTS government agencies EVENT 21/05/2016 Mr.

Interior Ministry gave instructions to respect the rights of journalists. In a statement, the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that Minister of the Interior instructed the police «on the strict observance of the rights of journalists carrying out their professional duties.»

Journalists who cover mass actions must have their IDs, badges, Sadubaev said. He added that, as far as possible, journalists should have identification marks of the press: armbands, hats, vests with the inscription: «Press», «Media» — «to indicate their status.»

21.05.2016 — in Kazakhstan there was unauthorized meetings, conflicts with the police. disturbing public order is not allowed. This was the same day in Astana chairman of the administrative police MIA Igor Lepekha Committee.

We were actively monitoring the Internet and, despite the fact that the resolution was not given, a group of citizens is very actively engaged in propaganda work. There have been attempts to involve citizens and, judging by the publications on the Internet, it was clear that these people are unlikely interested in land issues, there were quite other matters.

Deputy Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Andrei Kravchenko explained why it was delayed about 40 activists. — «At our reliable information, it suggests that these people are the initiators and organizers of illegal actions.»

Ombudsman (Human Rights Ombudsman) of Kazakhstan believes that the police and prosecutors to take measures «under the current legislation» on May 21 — the day when the security forces stopped the attempts of the so-called Kazakhstan rally on the land issue. «A number of people were brought to administrative responsibility in accordance with established procedures, which, of course, also include an appropriate mechanism to appeal those decisions», — said the press service of the Ombudsman, issued 27.05.2016, the Ombudsman referred to the detention of journalists 05/21/2016 «inadmissible in accordance with generally accepted international legal standards and national legislation.»

List, subject to administrative arrest in connection with the events of 21.05.2016g.

Names administratively arrested 42 people.

Astana 8 persons: Mahambet Abzhan 10 days, Aslan Kurmanbaev 15 days, Kurmangazy Rakhmetov 15 days, Maksat Ilyasuly 15 days, 15 days Maken Edil, Askar Baiburin 15 days, 15 days Jenis Tleubayev, Aydin Egeubaev 15 days.

Atyrau 4 people: Kasim Kozhantaev 3 days Max Bokaev 15 days, 15 days Talgat Ayan, Erlan Bashakov 15 days.

Uralsk 4 people: Baurzhan Alipkaliev 15 days Aybolat Bukenov 15 days, 15 days Isatai Utepov, Lukpan Aahmedyarov 15 days.

Shymkent 4 people: Daniyar Kultaev 15 days, 15 days Alserke Ibrahim, Abdul Sween 15 days Zhadyra Duissenbekova 15 days.

Families 3 people: Rolland Mashpee 15 days, Farid Ishmukhametov 15 days Kenzhebek Sultanbekov 15 days.

Aktobe 4 people: Serikkali Kaksymov 7 days, 7 days Tokbaev Nurzhanov, Serik Muhambetuly 15 days, Kairat Mukhambetov 15 days.

Almaty and Almaty region 15: Bakhytzhan Toregozhina 15 days Suyundik Aldabergenov 15 days Birjan Muratbekov 15 days Arailym Shakarova 15 days, N. Tlendiyev 15 days Nurislam Kemelbaev 15 days Shyngyskhan Esentai 15 days, Nurlan Abdullayev 15sutok Marat Uatkan 15 days Altynay Adilova 15 days, Kuanysh Sultanalin 15 days, 15 days Kunbolatov Kuat, Manas Abdimanap 15 days, 15 days Medeuov Kural, Serik Kalmurza 15 days.